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    General Rules and Expectations

    Don’t be a dick.
    You are not permitted to intentionally provoke or harrass anyone in the community. (In order to further define “harassment”, see “Don’t be a dick.”)

    Play the game the way it was meant to be played.
    No exploitation, cheating, or ‘gaming the system’. This includes hacking! Hacking in any game will result in immediate and permanent removal from the entire community.

    Speak Freely.
    But don’t be a dick. If someone doesn't make the right choices, affecting the outcome of a game give constructive criticism, not destructive criticism.

    Remember these things above all, and you will be fine.
    1. Friendship, fun, cooperation and teamwork are the core values of the community.
    2. We are a community based foremost around games with strategic and realistic elements.
    3. No individual or squad will be offered privileges or power, be exempted from the rules, or be granted special treatment beyond what is common practice for all others.
    4. Participation in the community as a Regular or in the Squad System, being core pillars of the community, will not be denied to anyone without reasonable justification.
    5. The community will always remain free and open; donation is not required. Donators will not receive elevated status above normal members, and will not carry more weight in our decisions.​
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